Sunday, April 3, 2011

small batches

First there were microbreweries, now it's the cocktail that's becoming homegrown. Such terrific small batch distilleries and liquors are popping up everywhere. While more challenging to get your hands on, when you're looking to make a good drink, go local.

I first tried Root by Art in the Age at the Unique LA show back in December and it's become my go-to host gift. Certified organic with a rich root beer flavor, it's tasty with bourbon and a little ginger beer.

While up in Portland, we had delicious drinks at GrĂ¼ner all made with local infusions from Clear Creek Distillery. The Kirschwasser's crisp, clear cherry flavor is not overly sweet and I will be shaking their Douglas Fir eau de vie into drinks come Christmastime.

Finally, the warm LA weather this weekend means margarita season and you can get an extra kick from Tanteo's jalapeno tequila.

Your local happy hour starts now. Mix away!

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