Saturday, April 23, 2011

eggy fun

Did you know that you can color eggs with silk scarves or ties? Martha does. All you need is some silk scraps, some plain cotton and twist ties. Or you can be lazy like me and order a kit from The June Bride on Etsy. Just wrap your silk scrap around your egg, cover with the plain cotton and tie it tight with a twist tie. Then put them in a pot and boil them for twenty minutes or so until hard boiled. So your eggs are cooked and colored all in one step and they don't even need to dry. Plus you're recycling and creating great unique designs you could never get out of a box of Paas. Pretty great right?


  1. Beauteous...and perhaps a new tradition! Thank you.

  2. These are amazing.... just silk scarves and plain cotton??... I have to try this. They are beautiful.