Monday, May 3, 2010

here comes your man

Acoustic cover of The Pixies. Black Francis has said this song is about earthquakes; I like to think about that moment of quiet stillness that comes before things really shake up.

Here Comes Your Man
Vocals: Erin Weir
Produced by Margaret Marston and Alan Abrahams
Music and Lyrics by Black Francis


  1. Hi Erin - Thanks for posting these covers, you have a lovely voice - crystal pure water. If you'd consider venturing to Scotland in September we'd be delighted to have you perform at our next Acoustic Wave Cafe - an intimate seaside soiree an hour from Edinburgh. (Edinburgh is around 4 hours by train from London). It's just for fun and creativity - a celebration of simple pleasures - food, music & the sea. See Postcards From The Coast blog. Meanwhile, looking forward to hearing your next recording, Vicky :) PS. Either way... a visit to Edinburgh and beyond while you're in the UK is highly recommended! :)

  2. erin, it's been years... i came across the link to your blog on your facebook page and was thrilled to come over here and hear you singing! you have a gorgeous voice! i'll check back to hear more:) do you have any video recordings? it's always nice to see the emotion artists convey through their singing. i hope you are well!

  3. I can't stop listening to this one. Erin, I love it so.

  4. Vicky, thank you for the lovely invitation! I spent a few days in Edinburgh about 9 years ago and it was incredible. I would love to try and get back there

  5. your voice never ceases to amaze me. love you.

  6. This is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONGS! And you SO do it justice lady! Amazing. xoxo